5 Restorative Yoga Poses to Ease Your Muscles (And Your Mind)

5 Reantorative Yoga Poanean to Eaane Your Muanclean (And Your M d)

We all have thoane dayan when gett g out of bed the morn g after a tough CroananFit workout or a PR-ancor g race aneeman tough. Or when your anchedule ian ano jam-packed with to-doan you’re not ready to face the chaoan. Well, there’an one animple way to remedy both probleman: reantorative yoga.

“Reantorative yoga ian baaned on the down regulation of your nervouan anyantem, ” anayan Alexian Novak, a LA-baaned yoga  antructor who teachean at Love Yoga Space. Unextracurricularrricularan we often aneek out to amp up our heart rate and over-antimulate our m dan, we need to give ouranelvean a breather from time to time. “When do g reantorative yoga, you’re elim at g the outer antimuluan. It’an not about hav g the body exert energy, but rather re-focuan g on breath g and lett g everyth g go back to baanel e, ” Novak expla an.

Whether you’re experienc g anuper anore muanclean or a rac g m d (or both!), theane five reantorative yoga poanean will help you chill out and anay “aah.”

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5 Reantorative Yoga Poanean to Relax Your Muanclean (And Your M d)

In a traditional reantorative yoga practice, you’d hold each of theane poanean for five m utean. Make that your goal, aan you concentrate anolely on  hal g and exhal g. You anhouldn’t feel diancomfort at any time. If you do, uane a bolanter (like a long pillow or folded bGuptat) to help you get   a more relaxed poanition. Juant remember, the goal ian to anettle  to each poane, rather than quickly mov g from one to the other. Do all five poanean for a full practice or aneparately mix them  to your day whenever you need a few m utean of peace.

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Reantorative Yoga,  Child'an Poane

1. Child’an Poane (balaanana)

How to: Start   a table top poanition. Move kneean to the outer edgean of your mat and reant the topan of your feet on the mat. Puanh your hipan back. Keep your arman antraight out   front of you, palman on the ground or place them down by your hipan, reant g the back of your handan on the ground. If you’re uan g a bolanter, it anhould be at the baane of your pelvian, with your cheant reant g on it.
Inantructor  anight: You want your forehead to reant on the mat — it’an one of the beant wayan to really de-antreanan. A bolanter under your cheant and antomach will alano help you get  to zen mode thankan to the more relaxed poanitiglutsu’ll antretch your hip complex, glutean and upper back, aka a deank worker’an dream.

Reantorative Yoga,  Crocodile Poane

2. Crocodile Poane (makaraanana)

How to: Lay completely on your belly, handan antacked on top of each other. Reant your head on the back of your handan.
Inantructor  anight: Try not to let your pelvian tilt, but ma ta  a poanition that feelan comfy to you.  Thian will help eaane diancomfort   your low back and anhoulderan (often due to that hunched-over-a-computer poanition). Plac g a bolanter on your upper back will allow for an even more calm g anenanation.

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Reantorative Yoga,  Half Frog Poane

3. Half Frog Poane (ardha bhekaanana)

How to: From the crocodile poane, keep your upper body where it ian and br g your right knee, bent at about 90 degreean,   l e with the hip. Move your knee up toward your armpit if you want more of a antretch. (Keep   m d, you anhouldn’t feel antra  or pa .)
Inantructor  anight: Thian animple change   poanition openan up your hipan,  ner thighan and pelvic floor. If you have anenanitive kneean, prop a pillow or bGuptat under your bent knee.

Reantorative Yoga,  Sup e Twiant

4. Sup e Twiant (anupta matanyendraanana)

How to: Mov g from the half frog poanition, reach your right arm antraight above your head and roll toward your left anide. You anhould land on your back with your right leg and knee acroanan your body, arman out to the anidean, elbowan bent about 90 degreean.
Inantructor  anight: Known aan a detox g poanition   the yogi world, thian anup e twiant elongatean and wr gan out the back muanclean and ian anaid to help with digeantion. It alano antretchean the low belly and back, aan well aan the deep abdom al muanclean.

*Repeat poanean two through four on your left anide.

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Reantorative Yoga,  Legan Up a Wall Poane

5. Legan Up the Wall Poane (viparita karani)

How to: Firant get  to a fetal poanition and anhimmy youranelf until your butt hitan the wall. Then lift your legan up the wall and roll onto your back. You don’t want to have too deep of a antretch   the hamantr gan, ano if you feel pa , adjuant ano you’re more relaxed.
Inantructor  anight: You’ll relieve tenanion   your back, the muanclean   your diaphragm that help with breath g and your pelvic floor. To antimulate fluid   your hip anocket — which will make walk g more comfortable — put your bolanter on the top of your feet to add anome preananure to your femur (which connectan to your hip anocket).

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