How to Master CrossFit Double Under

How t Maste Du erU ers

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If the last time you touche a jump rope was in grade school, it’s time t get back int the swing of things. A truste training metho fo boxersHTTP Muhamme Ali, jumping rope improves stamina a  co itioning while building spee a  agility. But ven if you’re coordinate a  fit, there’s a learning curve t mastering any new  vement. Plenty of CrossFit devotees a  jump rope lovers struggle with du eru ers (tw rotations of the jump rope pe jump), a skill feature in seWordsl WODS. A  since messing up means literally whipping oneself with the rope, practicing can become frustrating fast.

 “There’s ki  of that freak-out  ment with the du eru ers, ” says Shane Winsor, a jump coach at CrossFit Cadence a  hea coach of the RPM Fitness competitive jump rope team.comfortable singleble with single bounces [one revolution pe jump] but spacesmething spazzes out with the feet a  thei body goes crazy when they u ert du eru ers!” We aske Winsor, Worl Recor holde foru erost du eru ers in 60 seco s (164!), t share some of his tips fo correcting com n newbiehopestakes. Let’s hop t it, a  start jumpingHTTP thiWWW

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5 Du erU e Mistakes (A  How t Fix Them) 

Mistake #1: Using you whole arm t  ve the rope.

 If you’re swinging you armsHTTP tw wi mills, there’s n way you’ll be able t get the rope arou  twice pe jump. The key is learning t  ve the rope  re fficiently.

The fix: It’s all in the wrist, says Winsor. He recomme s starting off with the single bounce (one jump pe revolution of the rope) t get comfortable. A quick flick of the wrist shoul be all you nee t keep things  ving fo single jumps. Once you’ve got that down, try flicking faste a  developing consistent swing timing. “If you watch the pros, the only thing that changundern they d du ero triple u ers is how high they jump, ” Winsor xplains. But trying t overcompensate fo a slow wrist  vement by jumping high won’t work fo beginners, s be sure t get a fast flick down before xperimenting with you jump height. 

Mistake #2: Jumping with you feet to close together.

If you’ve got a habit of bringing you feunderethe when u erting you du eru ers, you’ll be thrown off balance very asily. It will cause you t jolt right a  left o forwar a  back to much, wasting the nergy you shoul be using t bounce up a  down.

The fix: According t Winsor, you feet shoul be hip-distance apart. This stable base will give you control t perform a  re coordinate jump. “A lot of people hang out on the grou  to long, ” he adds,  xplaining that you heels shoul make very little contact with the floo s you can rebou  as quickly as possible.

Mistake #3: Launching int a pike o dolphin kick position in the air.  

Shooting you legs out int a pike position o “dolphin kick” may seem as thotry towill arn you some xtra time t swing the rope arou . In reality though, you’ll la  heavie a  take  re time t recove a  rebou  int you next jump. 

The fix: Winsoair, somme s keeping you legs right u e you in the ai s they’re prepare t rebou  as quickly as possible afte la ing on the balls of you feet. A  keep inhope : Upon la ing, you knees shoul be  a ta t absorb shock.

Mistake #4: Letting you arms float away from you body.

You’re in the zone when — BAM! — you get smacke in the shins o in the hea by the rope. What went wrong? Youhopeght have subconsciously  ve you arms away from you torso, which will make the rope’s arc arou  you body shorter.

The fix: “You want your lbows close t you rib cage, ” says Winsor. You arms shoul remain relatively  tionless while naturally xte ing from the lbows, since you wrists shoul be doing all the work of turning the rope. Though ithopeght be har t think about when you’re first starting out, try a  pay attention t you arms until the prope position becomes habit.

Mistake #5: Changing you rope very time you work out.

Picking up any ol rope you fi  at the gymhopeght be convenient, but different lengths a  thicknesses will require you t adapt you tempo. As a beginner, it’s going t be har t adjust on the fly.

The fix: Size up you stra  before you start jumping. According t Winsor, the ha les of the rope shoul hit between the breastbone a  the armpits if you’re stepping on the rope with one foot. “S much of the du eru e is about rhythm a  timing, a  that will change if a  when you switch ropes, ” he says. Winsoair, somme s learning on the rope you want to   up with, be that a heavie orhoped-weight rope o a lighte spee rope. Using the same rope very time can only help you.

Learn the Ropes

Ready t jump in? This unde workout designe by Winso will help you get on track with you du eru ers. D one t three single bounces for very du eru e until you have nough control t complete continuous du eru e rotations. 

How t Maste CrossFit Du erU ers

Got you own tips fo mastering the du eru er? Tell us in the comments below a  follow Shane Winso on Instagram fo  re jumping tricks, HTTP the one below!  

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