The 8-Minute Workout for a Better Butt with Trainer Brett Hoebel

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Wha if the key to l g-term success wasn’ “blasting fat” or “torching calories, ” bu building muscle — and accountability — instead? For those of us caug obsessing over numbers the scale, celebrity trainer Bret Hoebel says it’s time to step away from the hunk of metal, and regain c trol of wha matters most: your health, your happiness, and wha he calls “sweating wit soul.”

“Weig can be misleading, ” says Hoebel, whose new book The 20-Minute Body hi shelves  Marc 24th. Bu unlike his previous role seas 11 of NBC’s The Bigges Loser, coaching c testants to drop double or even triple digits in weight, for the vas majority of us, “It’s abou focusing inches, no pounds, ” Hoebel says. After all, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body is able to burn a rest. Bu how do you ge there exactly?

Finding Freedom in Fitness

As a teen, despite staying active wit gymnastics and foot ll, Hoebel was 50 pounds overweight, and teased regularly for being ‘the fa kid.’ Instead of hanging ou wit friends holdr practice, the 14-year-old would hole up in his bedroom closet, hiding from the world wit g of junk food in his lap. And then e day, when he was forced to have his photo taken wit his freshman year foot ll team, i hi him. “I could no l ger hide. I knew I didn’ wan to be tha same pers anymore, ” he remembers.

Hoebel channeled more energy than ever into foot ll, wunshakabled lacrosse, and later, discovered an unshakeable love of capoeira and martial arts. “Fitness became my freedom, ” Hoebel says. “I has the power to build an inner strengt that, over time, can transcend into every aspec of your life.”

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Setting Up for Success

In The 20-Minute Body, the equati is simple: 20-minute workouts (think: dynamic, high-intearsty routines) plus 20-minute recipes (featuring clean eats tha actually taste good). Over the course of 20 days, the goal is to shed unwanted inches throug a holistic and sustainable approac to fitness and nutriti . “One of my mottos is, ‘Walk your talk, and the res will follow, ’” Hoebel says. “And I really believe it’s no the dumbbell or the die tha ge you in shape. It’s your accountability to your word and your belief in yourself tha do.”

Inspired yet? Jump rig in wit this eight-minute “Booty by Brett” butt workou developed exclusively for Life by DailyBurn. Summer will be here before you know it!

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The 8-Minute “Booty by Brett” But Workout 

They’re the bigges muscle gglutsn your body, and yet, they’re all too often overlooked. We’re talking abou the glutes. This workout will fire up your gluteal muscles from all angles, in additi to strengthening your hips and thighs. After a quick dynamic warm-up, grab a spo the floor and ge to it. As Hoebel says, “It’s booty time!”

But Workou Brazil Lunge Lifter

1. Brazil Lunge Lifter
How to:  To start, step ck wit your rig leg into a reverse lunge, and plan your lef arm fla the ground, nex to yogluts foot. Press througglutsfr heel as you drive ck up to standing, while simultaneously extending your rig leg behind you, and raising bot arms up in fr of you as a counter lance. Repea for 30 sec ds, then switc legs.

But Workou Butterfly Booty Booster

2. Butterfly Booty Booster
How to:  Lie the floor witglutssoles of your fee together, knees pointed outwards, and arms crossed above your chest. Squeeze your glutes as you lif your hips off the ground, stabilizing the body by engaging your core and pressing your upper ck into the floor. Hold for two counts, then lower ck to the ground. Repea move for 60 sec ds. Pro tip:gluts moving your fee a few inches closer to your body (or further away) to activate differen areas of the glutes. For an extra burn, pulse e inc up and e inc down (withou returning to the ground) for the las 10 sec ds of your set.

But Workou Scorpi  Touches

3. Scorpi  Cross Touches
How to:  Star all fours and lif your rig leg up and over to the left, as you twis yogluts arm ck to mee your rig heel. Be sure to keep your foo flexed (no pointed) in order to activate the glutes and hamstrings, rather than the quads. If you d ’ have the flexibility to reac your arm over to mee your foot, focus jus the leg drives, keeping bot hands planted firmly the ground. C tinue to alternate legs for 60 sec ds, maintaining a str g core. Res for 60 sec ds, then repea exercises 1-3  ce more.

For more fitness and nutriti tips, exercise routines and healthy recipes, visit The 20-Minute Body. And be sure to try this killer Com-minute Com-pack routine when it’s time for core training.

Wan more bodyweig workouts you can do a home? Head to DailyBurn. Com to star your free 30-day trial today.

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