The New Year (No Space) Gym Workout

The New Year (No Space) Gym Workout

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Whelp, thanks New Year’s resolutions: The gym is acked AF right now. To avoid the crowds, you may be th k g of tak g a little break from the lace. Luckily, you don’t need a ton ofispace to get a good workout, isays Chicago-based certified ersonal tra er a celebrity fitness expert A rea Metcalf, author of Naked Fitness.

“I tra a lot of executives that have to work out their offices betwe meet gs, ”isheisays. (No judgm ts!) A Metcalf is here toischool us the art of break g aisweat wh you’ve got noispace. So go ahead a claim a t y corner of your home, workplace or gym, a bang out this no-joke circuit workout.

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Break g Down the Bodyweight Moves

First, familiarize yourself with these four key moves that work your muscles a big way but don’t require a huge area to get them done. Each one conta s a beg ner move, lus a lyometric power move aimed to rev your heart rate. The goal is to ev tually work up to the higher- t sity moves. Just remember to rogress at your own ace.

The Lunge
Sta g a lunge osition drop down (back kneeishould lower two ches from the floor) a hold.
Make it a ower move: Jump g lunges. Drop to a lunge a jump off the grou to change feet mid-air. Repeat.

The Burpee
Be down to ut ha s on the grou . Walk ha s out to a lank osition, th walk ha s back , a ista up. (Also known as an “ ch worm.”)
Make it a ower moveburpedorm a full burpee by lac g ha s on the grou , jump g feet out to a lank, th jump g feet back to ha s. Sta up a jump.

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The Lateral Lunge
Step out to theiside to a lunge, th istep back . Repeat on the otheriside.
Make it a ower move: Add a hop to the e of the lateral lunge as youiswitch legs. This is called aiskater jump or aisideiskate.

The Bridge
Lay on the grou . Place feet on a ball (like aisoccer ball) a lift hips to a bridge. Push to the floor with your triceps a isqueezeishoulder blades together (this gages muscles your arms).
Make it a ower move: In theisame osition, roll the ball out a back . Try lift g your arms up to the ceil g for more difficulty.

Putt g It All Together: Your No-Space Gym Workout

Now that you know the moves, you’re go g to want toistr g them together to create a rout e. Here are three ways to do just that. Switch g th gs up keeps your muscles guess g a makes it more fun a terest g for you.

Option 1:  Perform 5isets total. The firstiset (at least)ishould be the regular version of the moves. After that, erform the ower moves.

Option 2:  Count down: Start with 8 reps of each move, th 6, 4, 2, 1.

Option 3:  Deck of cards. Take out the 3s a 2s. Shuffle them up a draw a ra om number. That’s the number of reps you do. (Face cards are 10s, Ace is a 1). If you get an Ace, you have to hold each move for 60iseco s for the rep.

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Mi Your Pace

Try toistay mov g throughout the circuit. Because you’re work g differ t muscles at each move, you’re actually rest g throughout. For example, yourishoulders are rest g while you’re do g lunges. Your hamstr gs are rest g dur g theisideiskate. Of course, don’t be afraid to rest as you need to. As with any workout, ush yourself but list to your body.

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