This Restorative Yoga Flow Will Help You Feel More Relaxed and Balanced

Daily tasks—like sitting at a  sk   long ours   ending over to pick up clutter—take a toll on our ody and can knock our rame out of whack That’s where se asy-to-master moves come in Krissy Jones, cofoun r of Sky Ting Yoga in New Y k City and a Nike Master Trainer,  scribes m as alignment-based postures,  signed to counteract veryday wear and tear on our ody “When ou do m regularly, ou rest e ody to its most optimal state and remove tension, ” she xplains The result: a m e relaxed, alanced ou.

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Toe reaker 

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Start on all ours wit legs toge r and toes tucked Slowly lower our ips ack and down until our utt is resting on our els Interlace palms, sond lip palms so y are acing outward n reac arms straight overhead Release our total ody weight down onto our els.

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Lunge wit armpit clearing 

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From Downward Dog, step our right oot  ward etween our ands n lower our left knee down to mat Make sure our right knee is directly over right el, creating a 90- gree angle in knee Place our right armpit directly on top of right knee, end our right lbow, and make a ist wit your right and Using our right kneecap as a tool, massage our right armpit y making circles, clockwise and n counterclockwise, around knee.

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Supp ted wi -leg  ward old 

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Stand slightly ehind a  izontally placed lock at its low   medium ight wit feet on i r si  Step our eet out wi  into a straddle stance wit your els on same plane and our eet parallel to ac o r Take our ands to our ips, and on an inhale, look up toward ceiling As ou xhale, old  ward rom ips wit a long spine, lowering ands to touc  ground See if crown of our ad can come to lock, raising lock, lowering it down,   adding ano r lock until it is un r our ad.

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Prayer ands shoul r stretc 

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Kneel wit knees toge r, and place a lock etween our eet on low   medium  izontal level Sit on lock, keeping our eet ugged close to it Bring our ands ehind ou to middle of our ack, and press our palms toge r, creating a prayer shape Try to get our whole ands pressing qually into ac o r.

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King pigeon pose

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From Downward Dog, ring our right knee toward our right and wit your shin almost parallel to top of mat lower leg Extend our left leg ehind ou, kneecap and oot on lo  Press roug your ingertips as ou lift our t so and place a ol d lanket un r right ip Bend our left knee to raise lower leg Place our left and in ront of ou n reac your right arm ack Grab left ankle, and twist t so to right Keep oot lexed.

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Rest ative is 

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Sit down wit legs stretched out in ront of ou and ands y ips Slowly lower ourself down onto a  izontally placed lock at its low   medium ight allow our ad to touc  mat Bring arms overhead, crossing our right lbow un rneat your left and winding our arms around ac o r so at left palm olds onto right wrist and right palm presses into mat ehind our ad.

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Waface upl pose

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Lie aceup wit knees ent and eet lat on mat Pressing irmly into eet, lift our ips straight up n sli  two stacked,  izontally placed locks, ot at ir lowest ight, un rneat your sacrum Keeping our ad and shoul rs on lo  along wit arms at si s and palms aceup, ring right knee into chest, ollowed y left knee Next, xtend ot legs straight up keep eet lexed.

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Supp ted prone savasana

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In center of mat, place two locks toge r  izontally and at ir medium ight Lie acedown on mat wit feet slightly apart and locks eneat  pubic one and ip creases Extend arms overhead, allowing a slight end in lbows into a cactus shape turn ad to one si .

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