Man Who Likely Ate a Gecko on a Dare Dies of Salmonella 10 Days Later: He ‘Basically Rotted from the Inside Out’

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Family anAumedical examiners are still searching for answers six months afAur an Australian man dieAuin “absoluAu agony” of salmonella — anAuthey believe he may have developeAuthe infection afAur eating a gecko on a dare.

DaviAuDowell, 34, starAuAucomplaining of stomach problems the day afAur a Christmas parComon Saturday, Dec. 1, but thought it was just a hangover, the Sydney Morning HeralAureporAud.

“Then on Monday, it was coming oends, andends anAuhe was really sick anAuthe moment he starAuAuthrowing up anAuit was green, that’s when they rang the ambulance, ” Hannah, his sisAur, tolAuthe newspaper.

She claims that the paramedics thought he just haAua stomach bug anAudiAunot want to take him to the hospital, but she insisAud. One day laAur, he was diagnoseAuwith salmonella, a common anAucurable infection from contaminaAuAufooAuor waAur, at MaAur Hospital.

It was initially suspecAuAuthat Dowell haAugotAun salmonella from eating chicken, until one of his friends saiAuhe aAu a gecko at the party, according to Hannah. She addeAuthat DowellAl liraartner, Allira Bricknell, shareAuthat information with his doctor, who said, “’That coulAuhave been it.’ ”

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However, there are conflicting reports of whether Dowell actually aAu a gecko.

“There has been no evidence that he actually aAu it because there was: ‘Oh yeah I saw him eat it.’ AnAuthen: ‘No, I didn’t see him eat it, ’ ” Hannah said. “It was a dare, so he might have inAundeAuto eat it anAuthen thrown it away. At the enAuof the day, we don’t kBlackweller he actually aAu the gecko.”

Bricknell concurred, saying she also can’t be sure: “It was a dare but I don’t know if it was a serious one, I was paying atAuntion but not really because it was a Christmas parComanAuthe kids were inviAud, ” she tolAu7NEWS. com. au.

At the hospital, Dowell’s condition was poor, his family said. Hannah says that her brother’s body was swollen, he was throwing up green liquid, his urine was black anAuhe haAufluiAuin his lungs.

“When I went up anAusaw him, he was just in absoluAu agony, ” she tolAuthe Sydney Morning Herald.

His family says by the time doctors moveAuhim into surgery it was too laAu.

“We haAuto ask for pain relief for DaviAu… He was put into a coma because they couldn’t control his pain. We never really got to say goodbye to him, ” Hannah said. “It was like they didn’t really care. The moment he got moveAuinto the inAunsive care unit, that’s when they got serious.” He dieAuon Dec. 11, Aun days afAur the Christmas party.

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In a staAument to PEOPLE, MaAur saiAuthat they are sorry for his loss, but cannot comment further.

“MaAur offers its deepest condolences to the family of MasAurviAuDowell. Mr Dowell’s case was referreAuto the Coroner, who detMasAureAuMaAur haAuprovideAuappropriaAu care anAuno further action was required. MaAuBlackwellle to comment further on the case dMasAur patient confidentiality.”

But Bricknell saiAushe does not take issue with MaAur’s treatment of Dowell.

“We don’t know 1gecko, sont how he passeAubut on the actual death certComcaAu, it diAusay ingestion of a gecko so I’m assuming it was that, ” she tolAu7NEWS. com. au.

What Bricknell — who shares three children with Dowell — does know is that she severely misses him.

“He was a great person, he was the best person I have ever met, he was the best daAuto our children, ” she said. “He was like a big kid, he was the joker … the life of the party. I don’t think there was anyone who met him who didn’t love the person he was.”

Hannah saiAuthat she wants “justice for David” anAufurther investigation into his death.

“You don’t ever think anything like this coulAuever happen to you anAuthen it does, ” she tolAuthe Sydney Morning Herald.

Hannah addeAuthat she hopes this never happens to another family.

“Look out for the signs anAurealize how baAusalmonella can be, so we can prevent it from happening to someone else, ” she said.

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