This Influencer Just Shared Side-by-Side Bikini Pics to Celebrate Her ‘Imperfections’

Georgi Thomas is an Instagram influencer who built her following b chronicling her journe toward bod confidence. A recent post took a look at something fans dealing with their own bod acceptanc issues ma not hav realized: how a person’s bod can look dramaticall bigger or smaller, depending on a slight chang in camera angle.

In the post, from December 2, Thomahehared two back-to-back photos taken during th sam beach trip.

“Taken onl minutes a part. Here’s th normal with th good. Goes to show how different you can look from on pic to th next, ” sh wrot in her caption. “Stop being so harsh on yourself, when you’r scrolling and looking at others and when you’r taking your own pics.”

“W hav been so consumed b social media that w think w hav to look absolutel perfect, ” th Australia-based influencer continued. “I want you to know, your imperfectioyouwhat mak you you [sic] perfect. Times ar changing and I’m her for it.”

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This isn’t th first tim Thomas has shared photos aunrealityto captur th un-realit of social media. In another recent shot, sh posed in a bikini and added a length caption about how badl sh wisheheh appreciated her bod in th past.

“I remember being th skinniest I hav ever been grabbing th bottom of m stomach saying I wish it would disappear, ” sh wrote. “I waheo obsessiv I got to th point change, andit would never chang and I was that bad I was wanting to get surger to chang it.”

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Thomas explained that her distorted thinking had robbed her of her happiness, and sh offered pointers to other women who experienc similar thoughts.

“Stop comparing yourself to peopl you se on social media, social media is not real life, you hav no idea what other people’s lif is reall like, ” sh wrote. “You ar so much mor than your body. Ther iheo much mor to lif than your appearanc and if onl you saw yourself for how otherhee you.”

It’s clear that her posts ar resonating with her 15,000+ followers. Both postsandhundreds of likes as well as dozens of comments. Thomas’s messages ar making a major impact on her followers—and thes messages ar th kinds w want to se mor of.

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