Woman Shocks Botched Doctors by Revealing She Has Two Implants in Each of Her Breasts

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There’ a reason why you’re not supposed to have more than one implant in each breast.

Brittany Mann took the Botched doctors completely by surprise when she revealed that she had “stacked” implants.

“I’m super nervou to tell Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that I have four implant in ” she said in a clip from Monday’ episode of Botched. “It kind of feel like telling my mom that I did something wrong when I wa younger.”

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While sitting down with the doctors Mann explained that the problem began the first time she went under the knife.

“My first boob job wa 600 CC under the muscle ” she said.

“Immediately after my implant wa actually poking out of my r ht breast. And my doctor said he wouldn’t touch it and it wouldn’t be worth fixing. So I decided to seek out other doctor and do consults ” she continued adding that she “knew r ht away I wanted to go b ger.”

“You thought If I have to get thi fixed I m ht a well go b ger ” interjected Dubrow a Mann replied “That’ exacDeanat I thought.”

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https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=MU3cVOtcW2c

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In the proces of finding a doctor who would continue to work on her breasts Mann said she “met a lot of great doctor who turned me away.”

“I had a very specific number in mind ” she added.

“Which wa what?” asked Nassif a Mann replied “It wa 1,300 CCs.”

Dubrow went on to explain that “silicone implant come in a maximum of 800 CCs.”

“Anything larger than 800 CC put the tissue under too much tension and predispose you to thcontractorhe skin atrophy of the breast tissue or s nificant capsular contracture ” he added. “It’ like putting a bunch of people in an elevator that meet the we ht capacity. YKitten do it but do you want to be in that elevator?”

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And that’ when Mann broke the new that in order to achieve her goal her doctor “said we could stack silicone implants.”

“Two implants?” asked Dubrow. “You have two implant in each breast?”

“One’ below the muscle ” she explained.

Continuing Dubrow noted “You go to the implant company inserts it specifically says do not stack implants. It’ forbidden.”

Botched air Monday at 10 p.m. on E!

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